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The music industry has gone through some major changes over the past five years. In just a short time, we've gone from LPs, to CDs, and now MP3s. The iPod has become the dominant media for listening to music.

As a small bookstore/cafe, we don't see the need to reinvent the wheel or change the course of musical history. We just know good music when we hear it, and look for the best way to get it into your hands and ears. You won't necessarily find every album available, but we hope you'll find music in our store that you haven't heard before, or a long lost classic that stands the test of time.

For us, it's still easiest to display CDs, but we also understand that your tastes vary, so you'll find an eclectic selection of jazz, world, rock, classical, reggae, folks, and even soundtracks that speak to your inner muse. We're also looking for ways to let you bring in your iPod and simply download what you like if you can't find it on our shelves.

So let your tastes wander, and uncover something that moves you.

Album of the Month:
Wilco: A Ghost is Born

"The infectious twang and pop hooks of Wilco's former efforts may be fading fast, but A Ghost Is Born is still a rewarding effort that demands repeated listening. The group's fifth album extends upon the experimentalism of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot with angular, blues-soaked guitar riffs ("At Least That's What You Said," "Hell Is Chrome"), a handful of sparse, yet catchy tunes (smack dab in the middle of the disc) that will surely keep college radio stations smiling, and a lengthy track that descends into mere static ("Less Than You Think"). Frontman Jeff Tweedy's songwriting continues to evolve: "Hummingbird" is a dreamy Randy Newman-styled love song; "The Late Greats" is a sly ode to the world of pop tacked onto the end of the album (as if using such a fun song on this understated disc was an afterthought). Meanwhile, producer extraordinaire Jim O'Rourke manages to make the most complicated arrangements here sound minimalist and laid-back. All told, it's another great addition to the Wilco canon." --Jason Verlinde

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Featured World Music

Concha Buika: Mi Nina Lola
"2006 album from this lively performer from Spain. Buika mixes Flamenco with Soul, Jazz and Funk, always keeping her sound fresh and original. She has earned critical and commercial success across Europe and has even enchanted audiences in Las Vegas, Nevada! 'It takes all of one minute to appreciate why this album has been such a hit in Spain [...] the results are nothing less than hypnotic. A star is born!'"- Clive Davis

Featured R&B

Grace Jones: Hurricane
"2008 album from the original New Wave, Art/Disco diva, her 10th album and first studio release in almost 20 years. Hurricane features an all-star production team led by Ivor Guest, including Brian Eno, Tricky, and Sly & Robbie. Other participants on Hurricane are Wally Badarou, Wendy and Lisa, Uziah "Sticky" Thompson, Mikey 'Mao' Chung, Barry Reynolds, Don-E and Tony Allen, Nine tracks including the singles 'William's Blood' and the haunting and twisted 'Corporate Cannibal'."

Featured Rock

U2: No Line on the Horizon
"Their 12th studio album is, like its immediate predecessors, less a record than an event, breathtaking in its ambition and its shimmering, mesmerising and sometimes outright volcanic sound. " - Andrew Perry

Featured Folk

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss: Raising Sand
"An unlikely combination to be sure, but the effect is quite satisfying: Robert Plant scales back his usual Led Zeppelin sound for a darker timbre that compliments Alison Krauss´s light, airy vocal texture. T Bone Burnett´s production is structurally sparse and arid, allowing Marc Ribot´s distinctive technique to add contour to the albums sonic landscape. Creative song choices interweave country, folk, blues, and R&B, resulting in an incredibly pleasing listening experience."