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Ah, the games people play. They help define us as much as the books we read.

Do you prefer the thoughtful analysis of chess, or the luck of the draw aspect of poker? The group activity of a board game, or the individual challenges of a video game?

At Cornerstone, we try to provide something for every taste and budget, with an emphasis on the games that make you think. And of course, they have to be fun!

So whether you want to blast space aliens solo, or gather a group around the living room table, sit down and enjoy!

Mental Floss Trivia Game

The Mental Floss Trivia Game picks up where every other party game stops. This mind-challenging game has taken traditional trivia and turned it on its side with more than 1,500 crazy questions. Try to make it through an "Enlightening Round," stop a "Big Fat Lie" and play a "Mental Block" card to give your opponents a real setback. Includes game board, six movers, 250 floss facts, 200 Enlightening cards, Mental Block cards, Peace of Mind tokens, die, label sheet and instructions.


Featured History

Cartagena (Boardgame)
It is said that a game celebrating the famous 1672 pirate-led jailbreak from the fortress of Cartagena became popular in the pirate coves of the Caribbean. Each player has a group of 6 pirates and his objective is to have all 6 escape through the tortuous underground passage that connects the fortress to the port, where a sloop is waiting for them.

Featured Fantasy

Earthdawn: 2nd Edition Revised (RPG)
Thousands of years ago there existed an age of magic and high adventure, the age of Earthdawn. But the dawn of magic also brought Horrors to earth, creatures from the depths of astral space that devoured all life in their paths. For four centuries, the people of earth hid from the Horrors tthat came to be called the Scourge. Armed with magic, courage, skill and daring the people of Barsaive have re-emerged from their sealed kaers and citadels to reclaim their world.

Featured Mythology

Odin's Ravens (Boardgame)
Each morning, Odin, the father of the Gods, sends his two ravens, Hugin and Mugin, out into the world to watch over the land. Players appropriate flight cards to help the feathered spies along their way over the various lands of the northern hemisphere. With skillful play, luck, and a little help from Odin himself, your raven will win the race!

Featured Children's

Sword & Skull (Boardgame)
Ahoy, Mateys! That scurvy villain, the Pirate King, has stolen the Sea Hammer - the pride of Her Majesty's Royal Navy - and taken to the seas like the dog he is! It's up to you to commission a brave officer of the Royal Navy to pursue that black-hearted cur, catch him, and turn him into shark bait.